Exercising – 7 ways to stick to it!

Exercising – 7 ways to stick to it!

To start exercising (again or for the first time) is always exciting and the first week usually goes by with ease. The problem comes in to stick to it after the excitement has faded…

Here are 7 ways to help you stick to it!

  1. Don’t only set weight loss goals

Rather than staring at the scale for change, set yourself some performance goals like learning to do a proper set of push ups, progressing towards being able to do a pull up, run a little longer, increasing your sets of sprints, lifting a little heavier. Set your sights on getting fitter and stronger, not just losing weight or toning up – that will come with time.

2. Have a great playlist

Find the songs that get your heart excited. Just hearing the songs will get you in the mood to start moving, even when you are not at the gym! Then, get home, get dressed and listen to the songs on your way to your activity. Get ready to be pumped up for a big session!

3. Don’t wait until you feel like working out

The chances of you getting home, relaxing on the couch and then waiting to “feel like” exercising are slim to none! Don’t fool yourself, if you don’t feel like exercising today, don’t hope it will magically change tomorrow. Just get up and start – the energy will come! The only workout you regret is the one that you didn’t do

4. We are all lazy sometimes

So there will be times that you can’t workout or that you gave into the temptation of the couch for a few days. That’s ok, we all do it. The important thing is to get right back into routine. You missed Monday, and now Tuesday – that’s fine, who said the week is lost? There are still 5 perfect days ahead. Get moving on a Thursday if you must; just don’t stop because you fell off the boat for a day or 2. One good workout in the week is better than none.

5. Eat wholesome foods

A healthy diet aids a good workout. When you eat good, you feel good and you smash your workouts! Be sure that you eat enough of the good foods so that you have energy and feel great.

6. Track your progress

Once you have set your goals, write them down, tell someone about it and track them! It’s easy to lose sight of where you are headed if you didn’t write it down and don’t feel accountable to someone for them. Continuously track how you are progressing. At That Fit Body we believe in taking a look at your goals every 2 weeks and tracking your progress to ensure you don’t lose the motivation to work towards them.

7. Have fun

The most important thing you need to get out of being active is having fun! At the end of the day, you will continue doing something that you like doing. Find what makes you happy, whether it’s lifting heavy in the gym, doing yoga, dancing, hiking, mountain biking or doing obstacle courses – or even better, a combination of a few things, as long as you are having fun. Once you can let go of the pressures of losing weight and having the perfect body you’ll find better reasons to participate in exercising, it will change your life.

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