I Like Wine – The Ideal Balance



On an average day of a busy schedule, my single girl fridge is filled with week old julienne beetroot (for iron), pineapple juice (my fruit quota for most days), sweet baby peppers and cheese (protein). My workout is a mix of toothbrush squats and a run around the block. My friends will need to accept my presence only on social media, my family will receive a catch-up WhatsApp. Work will be done with enthusiasm followed by dinner drinks with the same diligence. Is this a healthy balance?

In one day I will compromise, juggle and weigh the options to find the perfect pivot point for every situation. I will strive for balance. Balance means that you are in a situation where different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. If you are living to either extremes on the spectrum you will feel out of balance and out of control. Colin Wright the author says “Extremes are easy. Strive for balance.”

Let’s not take it to the extreme and only balance out the following areas in life:

Health and Fitness

Find your unique equilibrium by being patient and kind with your body and mind.

Eat as healthy as you can, when you can, but do not become obsessed. You don’t need to become a vegetarian, you do not need to starve yourself, you do not need to juice for a week. You only need to use less sugar, drink more water and eat from a smaller plate. Don’t lose your appetite to indulge in the deliciousness of life.

Stay fit. I am not suggesting you run the Comrades but a jog around the block won’t hurt. Take the stairs. Find fun fitness things to do like roller-skating, hiking or dancing the night away.

Work and Play

Finding balance between working and personal life is a challenge that we all face. Money has its perks but switching off and relaxing is very valuable. Great advice passed on to me was to schedule my dates, me-time and workouts into my diary and treat them like business meetings. Life becomes part of the job and my work becomes part of my life, without one stealing time from the other. They are equally important – No exceptions. I show up on time, every time even for ‘read’ time. During these meetings, be it business or pleasure, you’ll find yourself mindful in the moment, enjoying each instant for what it is worth.

Anything done to fanatical-extremes becomes unhealthy and unbalanced. Don’t try to do all the good things all the time rather aim to do some of the good things most of the time. The world and its wisdoms are turning and fine tuning, the best you can do amid it all, is find the things that work for you. The rules of the game are ever changing, each season brings a new wonder-workout, diet dishes are dashed out everywhere and to follow them all could cause a motivational melt down. Choose your battles with a kind heart and an open mind. Substitute where required, change the things that need changing and adapt to situations.

On my grocery list, I have honey, coconut oil for baking and my beauty routine, apples and of course wine. After work, I will join a yoga class close to the venue for dinner drinks with my friends and then go home to relax and read. As a thirty-something with ample knowledge about food and fitness and lots of life experience; I have come to realize that the best way to be healthy, happy and sane in this fast pace, always altering world is:

COMFORTABLE BALANCE shaken up every now and then to keep life moving forward

One that is achievable, affordable and sustainable with an evenness in all decisions.


“Everything in moderation. Including moderation” Oscar Wilde

By Johanica Havenga

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