8 Tricks to Stay Motivated to Exercise during Winter


8 Tricks to Stay Motivated to Exercise during Winter

Winter is tough. We know it; we have lived through it a couple of times by now. Eating healthy, clean foods seem impossible as comfort food becomes the ONLY thing that satisfies us. Exercising? Hell no, who would want to get changed into gym clothes and head out when it is so warm and comfy in the house? But what if you did things a little different this winter, what if you make the following summer your best looking, best feeling one yet?

During winter you will find times where you need to dig deep for motivation – and it won’t always be the same thing that keeps you going back time after time. Here are 8 tricks you can try to keep pushing through winter, and end it feeling your best!

  1. 10 steps forward, 100 steps back

You’ve been working out since January and it’s been going well. Or at least you’ve worked in a few exercises a week to stay active. Don’t allow yourself to lose all the progress you’ve made. Taking a few months off means you will need to start all over again when the temperature is back up to normal figures. Don’t end up with regret knowing you were long past this point a few months ago and now it feels like you’ve never worked out in your life.

 2. Just do it anyway

More than half the battle is just getting up and going to the gym or starting your at-home workout. Just get up. Your mind is such a powerful tool – use it. Don’t sit around too long and debate whether it’s a good idea or not. Just get up and go, before you can talk yourself out of it! Once you start, things will fall into place and you’ll end up satisfied and proud of yourself for doing it. 

3. Missing summer?

Head to the gym, get that heart rate up with an at-home workout or go for a run outdoors. Just start moving. It will feel like summer after the first 5 minutes! Once you get started your body will warm up and you will relive the heat of summer instantly. Remember what it feels like to sweat 🙂

4. Off to an early start

So usually when spring is only thinking about making its appearance you start dreaming about summer outfits – dresses, skirts, shorts, short sleeve shirts, sandals and swimwear… You end up starting to wear these way too early and get cold by nightfall but you don’t regret it – enough is enough and coats now belong packed far away. Tip: work hard through winter and you can wear these babies with pride, from the start. Don’t end up having to cover up long after winter has faded because you don’t have the confidence to wear whatever you want and only then try to get into shape. It will be a difficult process after not being active for a few months, believe me, you don’t want to make it any harder than it has to be.

5. Show off some new gym wear

If budget allows, go and buy yourself some new gym clothes – even if it’s just one new outfit. Linking something new that you are excited about to gym can help to get you there and feeling all pretty while you do it.

6. Music changes everything

I’m instantly motivated to hit the gym when I have a few new songs I can listen to while I’m working out. And boy do I get excited when it starts playing – energy overload! Don’t underestimate the power of music; it really can get you to the gym. Start working on a new playlist with your favorite feel good songs, you know what kind of music gets you going. Add 2 or 3 new songs every few weeks.

7. Challenge accepted

I’ve mentioned this before in a previous blog post, but setting a performance goal is critical. Find something you would love to be able to do by summer and work on it. Challenge yourself. We all have watched those fitness videos where someone does something really cool and we wish we could do it as well – well, why not pick one thing and don’t give up until you get there. I’m going to be working on handstands this winter.

8. Food overload

Eating healthy during winter is a really big challenge. No one feels like having a salad when it’s cold. You will probably give in to temptation a few times, and that’s ok, we are all human. If you continue to exercise during winter, at least it’s some form of comfort to know that all is not lost – yes I had pizza last night, but hey, today I’m working out and keeping fit. Imagine eating to your heart’s desire and not doing anything remotely active… Getting fit and healthy in summer will definitely be harder. You can’t out train a bad diet, yes, but doing something is better than nothing. This is also the perfect time to try out a few new healthy recipes – comfort food does not have to be unhealthy. There are tons of ideas online, find ones that are easy to make and go for it.

Make the next summer your best one ever. Feel happy, confident and fit.

Don’t be too hard on yourself during winter; take it day by day, week by week. Before you know it you’re chilling next to the pool again, feeling awesome.


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