Benefits of Water for Weight Loss and Exercise

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Drinking water holds so many benefits for our bodies in general, not to mention it is vital for our health and we cannot survive without it! However, in this post I’m going to focus on just 5 reasons you should be drinking more water if you want to lose weight and have great training sessions.

  1. Water has 0 calories

Why waste calories by drinking them? Water is super healthy and doesn’t add any unnecessary calories to your meals or snacks, unlike sugary drinks! Not only doesn’t it have any calories but just by drinking it your body will burn extra calories to process it1. Is there a more perfect way to stay hydrated?

  1. Water helps you burn stored fat

Not to go into too much detail but one of your liver’s main functions is to convert stored fat into energy that you will then burn when your body needs a boost, like when exercising. Kidneys remove waste products from your blood and when you don’t drink enough water it will call on the liver to help out. This means that your liver won’t function at its peak in functions like converting fat to energy2. Drinking enough water means your bodily functions are working optimally and nothing is under stress because of dehydration.

  1. Water helps you to build muscle

Often people only increase their protein intake when starting a muscle building/body toning exercise program but they overlook the importance of increasing their water intake. Muscle needs water to function properly and will not get the necessary nutrients and oxygen needed to grow if your body is dehydrated, no matter how many additional supplements you are taking. It will leave you feeling weak and unproductive when doing weight training. Keep your muscles hydrated to ensure you get the most out of every training session. 3 Help your muscles move better for longer.

  1. Water keeps your joints moving smoothly

Our joints depend on water and nutrients to keep them lubricated and supple. With poor hydration, the cartilage and synovial fluid at our joints cannot reduce friction and provide impact resistance like they are suppose to. This can, in time, lead to inflammation4. Drinking enough water ensures our joints can handle the stresses of exercising by staying supple.

  1. Water gives us energy

One of the first signs of dehydration is feeling tired with no energy5. Drinking water will boost your energy levels and help you get through that last set of exercises when you start to feel tired and weak.

How much water should you drink?

There are a few water requirement calculators available online, but to do your own quick calculation you can work on a recommended 25ml to 30ml of water per kg body weight plus an additional 500ml of water per hour of activity. You can however alter the amount according to your individual needs and the above serves only as a recommendation.

So if you weigh 60kg and want to begin with 30ml per kg of body weight you will need 1.8 litres of water per day plus another 500ml if you exercise for an hour which will bring your total to 2.3 litres of water.

Last thoughts:

Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water, this means that your body is already experiencing early signs of dehydration.

 Always carry a water bottle with you, no matter where you go. This will be a constant reminder to take a sip and will become a healthy habit that will happen without you consciously thinking about drinking water. If the bottle is on your desk or in your hand, you will automatically start to drink some whenever you take a small break or just look away from your computer screen for a second.

Infuse your water with some fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices if you struggle to get through your daily requirements or when you go to social gatherings and don’t want to have alcoholic drinks or sugary cold drinks.

Click here to get a few ideas of flavour combinations and here to read some best practices when it comes to infused water.

Remember, water = life so help your body out by keeping it hydrated and functioning like it’s supposed to. You’ll feel great!



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